Improving technical education through the Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme

Giza-Education has always been a priority sector of intervention for the Italian cooperation in Egypt, and such commitment to the education sector concretized especially throughout the different phases of the Italian-Egyptian Debt Swap Programme (IEDS), which is now at its third phase. The initiatives in this field mainly focus on technical education, through the establishment of secondary education institutions with a study path in Italian language.

The study path in Italian is the outcome of a successful partnerships between the Education Development Fund, implementing agency, and the Regione Emilia Romagna, which provides technical assistance and support throughout the projects, and takes part in the evaluation of graduating students according to Italian and European standards to grant them a double degree recognized throughout the whole EU area.

Within the second phase of the IEDS, one technical secondary school, named Integrated Technical Education Cluster (ITEC), has already been established in the village of Demo (Governorate of Fayoum), financed with a total of EGP 84,5 million. To date, more than 360 students have already graduated from the institute, which is now managed and administered by the Egyptian Ministry of Education. Currently, under the third phase of the IEDS, the institute is being further developed thanks to the addition of a vocational secondary school with curriculum in Arabic language, with a fund of circa EGP 13 million, which will start enrolling students from the year 2019/2020.

The pilot experience of the ITEC in Demo has been so positive, that the Education Development Fund has signed an agreement with the Egyptian Ministry of Education to adapt a total of 27 governmental schools in different Governorates to the ITEC model, ensuring great visibility to the project financed by the Italian cooperation.

Among these schools is that in Abu Ghaleb in Giza Governorate, that the IEDS’ third phase is financing with more than EGP 43 million. Building on the experience of the ITEC in Demo, the project intends to contribute to improving the professional and technical education system in Egypt, in order to meet the needs of the Egyptian labor market and enhance the competitiveness of Egyptian technicians in regional and global markets. The Technical Support Unit of the IEDS visited the structure on October 24, 2018, where activities have already started and around 102 students are enrolled in the school year 2018/2019, of which around 10% are female.



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