Closing event of the project “Education and Protection for girls and boys in Fayoum governorate” implemented by Save The Children

Fayoum– On December 12th  took place the closing event of the project “Education and Protection for girls and boys in Fayoum governorate” implemented by Save the Children International (SCI) Egypt Country Office and the Egyptian Association for Comprehensive Development (EACD). This initiative was has highly dedicated to facilitate the access of vulnerable groups to education, improving quality of training in 12 primary schools and activate protection mechanisms for children at educational and institutional levels in the Youssef Siddiq and Abshaway, two districts in the Governorate of Fayoum. The results achieved are very successful.

The intervention expected to reach 4 results:

  1. Girls and boys outside the school system gain access to community-based, high-quality education services;
  2. The students attending the primary school benefit from participatory, high-quality educational opportunities;
  3. Children, their families, school staff and the entire community contribute to the improvement of school services;
  4. Target children and communities benefit from an efficient child protection system.

Key project achievements

Result 1

  • The project provided for the 24 community based classes the following: Light Maintenance works (safety and security); provision of classes furniture, educational and Child Protection material and computers;
  • Regular awareness sessions for children families (mainly mothers) on education and protection issues: 2012 mothers have been attending during the project period;
  • The project supported the opening and closing school years with ceremonies in all 24 classes;
  • Capacity building for 24 ECCD facilitators on Active Learning methodologies; ECCD class management; ECCD MoE curriculum; Child Safeguarding; Child Protection concepts;
  • In November 2017, the 12 ECCD classes have obtained the MOE accreditation;
  • The 6 CDAs hosting the 12 ECCD classes have received the following technical support from the project on: Child safeguarding training; and sustainability and fund raising methodologies training that resulted in the draft of sustainability plans;
  • Capacity building for 24 Community primary classes facilitators on: Positive Discipline, Child Protection, Active Learning, Arabic teaching methodologies (MoE curriculum); Handicraft/Manual training skills;
  • In January 2018, the project supported the Fayoum MoE Community Education Annual Handicraft Fair, such ceremony was a excellent showcase of handicrafts products produced by the project beneficiaries and other community classes all over Fayoum;

Result 2

  • 3173 M) participated in the extra-curricular activities. Arabic Literacy sessions in 12 public schools;
  • Series of capacity building for 306 (178 F and 128M) among MoE Literacy department officials and School Arabic teachers on MoE Remedial Arabic Language support programme and Active Learning;
  • The project provided to the 7 MoE Fayoum administrations Literacy Departments (32 participants) a Sustainability Literacy workshop to ensure the continuation of Literacy support programmes in all Fayoum level;
  • The project supported Arabic language support classes in the 12 public primary schools along two school years as following:

Two summer Arabic language camps that reached: 2891 children (1314 F and 1577 M);

4 Remedial Programme stages in the 12 schools for a total of 1574 support language sessions;

  • Extra-curricular activities
  • The project developed a Child Friendly Life Skills Booklet to be used for Extra-curricular activities implementation;
  • The project trained 52 teachers and social workers (24 F e 29 M) on SCI modules of School health and nutrition; gender equality, and life skills;
  • The project supported the organization of extra-curricular activities during all the project period, providing material, supplies and logistics. 6079 children.

Result 3

  • The project supported the 12 schools in starting the initial process of Quality accreditation in providing: light maintenance works (safety and security); computer labs (a total of 72 computers and 72 computer desks);
  • The project provided: 1 ToT on activation of Students Unions for 13 social workers, and 12 MoE Students Unions department officials;
  • 12 Workshops on Students Unions Role and Activation for 124 school teachers and social workers from the 12 target schools;
  • The project developed a Child Friendly booklet on Children Participation and role of Students Unions, titled “I dream of a new school” (for 4,5,6 grade). The booklet received the approval of the MoE, and has been used by social workers and head teachers for awareness sessions with children as preparation for the Students Unions election;
  • The project supported for 3 years the organization of the Students Unions elections, providing technical, logistics and material support (252 students);
  • The project supported the activation of school BoTs, through capacity building in view of the Quality accreditation processes, final outcome are the 12 SIPs.
  • Project supported the 12 schools in filling the gap in Learning outcomes efficiency (Key SIP criteria) in providing the Evaluation Methodology Tool workshop for MoE officials of Quality department; the same participants provided a training to 60 Head of teachers of main subjects in the 12 target schools;

Result 4

  • The project developed a series of Child-Friendly Material on Child Protection and Children Rights (4 posters to colour, 1 cards game, 1 memory game; 1 snake and ladder game). The material was approved by the MoE and distributed in all the 12 public schools, and 24 community classes. Material has been regularly used during the extra-curricular activities;
  • Series of awareness sessions for 15 MoE officials and 30 schools staff on basic concepts of CP;
  • Series of workshops for the 18 social workers and School Child Protection committees members of the 12 target public schools on: School activities Risks Assessment; Identification of case of abuses; Case management; Positive Discipline; child safeguarding and child protection.
  • CP awareness sessions using CP games targeted 347 Students Unions representatives (185 F and 162 M) and 1833 (969 F and 864 M) children during the CP summer campaign;
  • The project organized an important Child Protection Campaign inside the 12 schools and in the target communities (community lectures in youth centres, coffeeshops, students families homes). 721 people participated (318 F and 403 M). Inside the schools through art activities, the radio, and the routine morning school activities and a summer CP camp called “Protect children is our responsibility”;
  • The most important CP campaign experience is the Theatre training and competition, that took place in all the 12 schools. Each school chose a CP story based on their community context, created their CP message, took a training on theatre, rehearse and made a final performance.  
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