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Martino MELLI

Born in Italy, Bologna 25 April 1958

He has a degree in Agricultural Science (1982) and a PhD in Plant Phisiology (1997) obtained at the Faculty of Agriculture - University of Bologna.

He attended several international courses and obtained relevant specialization in the following fields: Environmental Economics (London School of Economics), Biotechnology (IAEA Vienna, Seibersdorf Biotechnology Center) and Adapted Technology Transfer (International Crop Research Institute for the Semi-Arid Tropics/ICRISAT/Patancheru, India and Consultative Group for International Agricultural Research/CGIAR, Washington USA).

He started his career as Research Assistant at the University of Bologna and at the Institute for Industrial Crops (ISCI).

In 1984 joined the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) as Junior Professional Officer in the Yemen Arab Republic, India and Rome HQ’s (Cereal Programme for Africa). He had the chance to be secunded to several international organizations as: IAEA, World Bank and WFP.

In 1989 entered at the Central Technical Unit (UTC) of the Directorate General to Development Cooperation (DGCS) of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs where he held various positions at different level.

He had the chanche to work at HQ’s as UTC expert and with the following additional tasks: Member of Evaluation Unit for the Management Committee under H.E. the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Emergency Task Force ( Humanitarian assistance to: Albania , Ex-Yugoslavia during civil conflict, Central and South America Disaster Relief) and Iraq Task Force.

During his service to UTC-DGCS he served in the following differet geographical areas: Africa (Mozambique, Sudan, Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Somalia, Angola, Congo, Sao Tomè and Principe), East and Far East (Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Malesya, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos), Near East (Turkey, Iraq, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt), East Europe (Albania, Croatia, Bosnia and Serbia), and Latin America (Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, El Salvador, Colombia, Brazil, Cuba and Dominican Republic).

He hold various positions as Director of National and Regional Officies for DGCS in: Nicaragua, Guatemala, Angola and Kenya.

Since 2016 he joined the Italian Agency for Development Coperation (AICS) holding the following positions: Member of the Evaluation Team, Member of the Environmental office, Responsible of the Multi Stake-holder Platform for Sustainable Energy. He also runned the Regional Office for South East Asia (Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia) based in Hanoi, Vietnam (2016-2020).

From November 2020 is Responsible of the AICS Office in Cairo, Egypt.