The work of AICS in Egypt is an essential component of the extensive Italian presence in the country. The sectors of intervention in which the Italian Cooperation operates are in line with the development priorities identified by the Egyptian Government and outlined in Egypt's Vision 2030 document, and in the Strategic Framework for the National Economic and Social Development Plan until 2022 published by the Ministry of International Cooperation. Furthermore, the Italian Cooperation works in harmony with other donors such as the Delegation of the European Union and the development cooperation offices of other Member States.

The Italian Cooperation uses a variety of channels and financing instruments for its cooperation initiatives. In terms of the instruments used, initiatives are financed through grants, aid credit, or through the debt swap program. Moreover, the office manages initiatives financed by the European Union through the Delegated Cooperation Mechanism. The channels include the bilateral, under which initiatives are implemented directly by the office in Cairo or in partnership with institutions and local authorities, and the multilateral, in which the implementation of initiatives is entrusted to international bodies such as UN agencies and development banks. In addition, technical assistance funds under direct management ensure the functioning of the office, the planning of new initiatives, and the monitoring of ongoing ones.