AICS Cairo works with a wide range of local and international partners in implementing all the initiatives financed by the Italian Cooperation in Egypt.

The local institutions are fundamental in elaborating and implementing all AICS-Cairo projects and programme and these are: Ministry of International Cooperation (MIC), Ministry of Agriculture and Land Reclamation (MALR), Ministry of Irrigation and water resources (MWRI), Ministry of Social Solidarity (MoSS), Ministry of Trade and Foreign Industry (MTFI) .

For what concern the Italian civil society organizations and no-profit Italian actors, AICS-Cairo works with the following actors: COSPE, Ricerca e Cooperazione, CISS, MAIS, Save The Children, AISPO e CIERA.

The multilateral cooperation is also very important for AICS-Cairo that has undergoing several initiatives with the following United Agencies and international organizations: il CIHEAM, l'UNDP, UNIDO, UNICEF, FAO, UNFPA, UNESCO, ILO e IOM.

Moreover , AICS-Cairo is enhancing  the collaboration with research institutes such as Sassari University and the European Union  through the new initiatives of delegation agreements .