Rural Development

AICS Cairo’s portfolio in the rural development sector is extensive, amounting to more than € 14 million. In this sector, Italy’s commitment is highly recognized and appreciated As a demonstration of such recognition, since 2015 Italy has assumed the role of coordinator, together with FAO, of the thematic platform in agriculture and rural development that brings together donors in Egypt (Development Partners Group).

The initiatives promoted pay particular attention to the main supply chains in the country in order to improve the quality of production and encourage the export of local products, and to enhance the country’s agricultural mechanization systems.

Two initiatives are being implemented with the United Nations Industrial Development Organization (UNIDO). The first one aims to develop the Egyptian cotton supply chain, promoting sustainability and inclusion along its value chain, while strengthening the premium quality of Egyptian cotton and fostering new market opportunities. The second one supports the tomato supply chain, and aims to increase the processing value chain by improving the technical skills of young people, expanding their employment opportunities.

Through counterpart funds generated by the Food Aid program, the project “Strengthening the Value Chain of Siwa Date Production” was launched with the creation of a PGI label that aims to increase the marketing potential of the date palm in the Siwa Oasis and sustainably improve the socioeconomic conditions of local communities.

Finally, with the Ministry of Agriculture and Reclamation, the “SAMSIMIFA” project, financed with an aid credit of €10 million, enables the improvement of agricultural mechanization systems in the governorates of Minya and Fayoum, and consequently contributes to the improvement of national food security.