cultural heritage

Support was given to the Ministries of the Environment and Antiquities in the field of environmental protection and conservation and promotion of the historical, archaeological and cultural heritage.

Specifically, the objectives foreseen for the next three years include improving the management of protected areas, enhancing and improving the management of historic and cultural heritage (eg archaeological sites and national museums), and improving water management and Of solid waste, with a view to promoting responsible tourism and agricultural tourism.

Among the main initiatives in the field of the environment and cultural heritage it is important to remember the Italo-Egyptian Environmental Cooperation Program EIECP – III Phase is an initiative of a total value of EUR 3 Million, to be realized in collaboration with UNDP. The activities of this program, currently being formulated, will be launched in the second half of 2014. This initiative aims to protect Egyptian Protected Areas while promoting responsible and environmentally friendly tourism.

Museum of Islamic Art, Cairo, UNESCO