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This page lists vacancies issued by the AICS field office in Cairo and by local partners who are interested in recruiting for the implementation of projects supported by the Italian cooperation. Such opportunities are published exclusively for information purposes, and the Agency has no direct relationship with candidates, who should refer only to the issuing institutions or organizations.

Italian Egyptian Debt Swap Programme TSU Programme Officer22/11/2018
EUJRDP Programme Officer01/10/2018
Italian-Egyptian Debt for Development Swap Programme (IEDS)International Team Leader / TVET Expert31/07/2018
Italian Technical Assistance to the Port Said Nursing InstituteAdministrative / Accountant
Deadline extension
Italian-Egyptian Debt for Development Swap Programme (IEDS)National Consultant to Conduct a Macro Evaluation Study
Terms of reference
Esperto Sviluppo Settore PrivatoEsperto Sviluppo Settore Privato
Bando annullato
National Council for Childhood and Motherhood, EgyptExpert in Child and Social Protection29/11/2017