AICS Cairo is glad to announce that, on September 6th 2018, AICS Joint Committee approved the financing of three programs to be implemented in Egypt

Cairo-AICS Cairo is glad to announce that on September 6th 2018,  AICS Joint Committee  approved the financing of three programs to be implemented in Egypt . These are:

AFRICA – EGYPT Inclusive and sustainable development of the tomato value chain in Egypt – UNIDO -. Euro 2.000.000  The project aims to support the development of an inclusive and sustainable tomato value chain in Egypt by increasing value-addition and by enhancing technical capacities of youth, thereby enhancing their employability and job/business opportunities. The proposed initiative is therefore focusing on creating a Pilot Training and Service Center primarily serving the tomato processing value chain by linking primary producers with the processing industry, by offering a set of services for the existing and new tomato processors to develop their business starting by upgrading labor skills through specialized training courses and by introducing innovative products and/or processes to compete in the internal and external markets.

AFRICA – EGITTO – OIM – Initiatives for Local Development of Egypt through the support of Egyptians Abroad (ILDEA). Euro 500.000  The project, is the second phase of the Programme  “Initiatives for Local Development of Egypt through the Support of Egyptians Abroad”. The initiatives aims to support the Government of Egypt to consolidate efforts in engaging Egyptian expatriates in the development of the country, by building a strategic policy expatriates engagement for development along with a communication strategy with expatriate communities through a participatory approach that envisages the involvement of various stakeholder engaged in migration and development affairs. The project will also enhance the knowledge and skills of authorities of Egyptian authorities to reach out expatriate communities and promote trade and investment to Egypt through trust building activities. The project will expands on the size and geographical scope of the ongoing community development initiatives.

AFRICA – EGITTO – UNFPA –Support to the National Strategy to contain Egypt’s Population Growth . Euro 2.000.000. The overall objective of the present initiative is to lowering Egypt’s population growth rates. The specific objective is to support the implementation of the National Population Strategy (NPS) by promoting voluntary Family Planning. In this respect, the proposed intervention will cover a period of two years and is two-fold: on the one hand it will roll out entertainment education to increase awareness on the importance of adopting the “small family” concept and, on the other hand, increase demand and access for family planning services. The main institutional counterpart is the National Population Council, a public entity mandated to foster, coordinate and oversee the implementation of the NPS across all Government institutions, at both the central and local levels. Non-state actors, local non-governmental organisations as well as media are additional relevant partners contributing to the implementation of the initiative. The delegated body in charge of implementing the proposed intervention is UNFPA, being the United Nations Agency mandated to address population policies and programmes. UNFPA has been the lead Agency involved in the drafting and launching of the NPS in Egypt in 2014 and has a proven track-record of good relations with the relevant public and state actors involved in this area. The NPS sets population targets for 2030 in tandem with Egypt’s Vision 2030 plan. A five-year action plan was also launched in 2015 with specific targets to achieve the strategy.

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