Head of the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation in a Field Visit to the Robbiki Leather City

Robbiki- A delegation from the Italian Agency for Development Cooperation (AICS) office in Cairo paid a visit to Robbiki Leather City (RLC) on Wednesday 26-9-2018 presided by Dr. Felici Longobardi, head of AICS Cairo. The aim of the visit was to witness the progress of the work in the RLC in order to proceed with the Technical Assistance to Implement the “ROBBIKI LEATHER CITY – RLC” Relocation Project (PMU/AICS). AICS delegates took a tour inside the Leather Tanning Technology Center, the General Effluent Treatment Plant, and the Chrome Recovery Plant and paid visits to the biggest tanneries and suppliers of chemical products as well.

During the visit, AICS team was able to hear from the tanners about their daily experiences in the city as well as their needs to develop their work techniques.  At the end of the day, AICS team attended a meeting with Yasser El Maghrabi, advisor to the Minister of Trade and Industry and CEO of Cairo for Investment and Development to know the exact kind of technical assistance they will need so that the project would bring the maximum benefit to the leather processing industry in Egypt.

Summary of the project 

The Program specific objective is: ToSupport the relocation of the tanneries to RLC through technical assistance for the realization of technical and business plans that the entrepreneurs need to organize their resettlement in the new industrial zone, and to undertake the CID and  LTTC to start the service activities.To reach the mentioned objective, the following activities will be implemented though four components of the Program:


    1. Component 1: Support the one stop shop (or one stop desk) as a point of reference for enterprises in the district, which must be able to provide a number of technical advisory services on various important aspects for the economy of the individual undertakings in respect of the management environmental and financial and technical plans to support the relocation.
    2. Component 2: Technical assistance for the startup of the management of the new CETP, the common system of waste water treatment and solid waste disposal.
    3. Component 3: Technical assistance for the organization of the technological center, the LTTC, providing for the training of trainers and supporting to start up the quality services with quality laboratories, as well as the tanning sharing service (TSS), or “Leather Services”, leather processing and maintenance service to the stakeholders, and the setup of a Vocational Training provider to develop skills for worker based on level 2 of the National Qualification Framework in Egypt.
    4. Component 4: Provision of necessary equipment for the execution of the LTTC services with the necessary laboratories and pilot plant

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