social affairs

In line with the needs of the country and with what has been discussed at donor community level, Italian action is increasingly focusing on the social sector, supporting the most vulnerable sections of the population (women and children) in the poorest regions of the country. Specifically, to date, the empowerment activities of the Cooperation have contributed to the improvement of the economic and social conditions of women especially in the regions of Upper Egypt and Fayoum. In addition, particular support has been provided to the promotion of child protection systems through the support and establishment of Committees for the Protection of Minors as provided by the national legislation in force. In this context, it is worth mentioning the important activities of Italian NGOs in Egypt, which have a pluriannual presence in Egypt in many areas, such as the socio-cultural sector, education, environmental protection, promotion of the rights of women and children, agriculture and rural development. For this reason, the objectives for the next three years are to provide greater support to both Italian and Egyptian NGOs, including through the use of tools such as the Italian – Egyptian Debt Conversion Program. At the same time, the number of Italian NGOs in the country will be increased, today limited to only six units (see CIERA, CISS, COSPE, MAIS, RC, Save the Children Italy).

Save The Children, Fayoum, Egypt