amministrazione trasparente • Registro operatori economici • Il Cairo

The Italian Agency for Development Cooperation – Regional Office in Cairo (AICS Cairo) aims to create an internal Register of local Economic Operators for the procurement of services, goods and works essential to the implementation of development projects and programs financed by AICS in Egypt.
Economic Operators that will meet the eligibility requirements listed in the Economic Operators Registry Regulation will be included in the Register and could be selected to present an offer towards the awarding of specific contracts.
Non for Profit Organizations, Companies or other competent organizations may be eligible for the enrolment in the Register, provided that:
– they are duly registered in Egypt according to the relevant national regulations:
– are legally entitled to carry out the activities in loco;
– can demonstrate successful track record within the scope of the category of interest.

All the interested organizations can access the documentation necessary to present their application by downloading the essential documents below:
Notice for the creation of an Economic Operator Register
– Economic Operators Register Regulation
– Annexes A-B-C: Self Declaration, Registration Forms and Informative Note on the Protection of personal Data
Applications must be submitted by hand-delivery or by email (Annexes A-B-C must be submitted in pdf format), according to the instructions below:

Address for hand delivery AICS Cairo Regional Office
1081 Korniche el Nile, Garden City, 4th floor
Tel : + 202 27920873, + 202 27920874

Email Address: and in copy to: