AICS CAIRO to participate in the Cairo Water Week

Last Wednesday, November 1st, the Head of AICS Cairo, Dr. Martino Melli, participated in the sixth edition of the Cairo Water Week, presenting the initiative “Capacity Development to Foster Sustainable Management of Water Resources in Egypt and in the Region: the Water Knowledge Project”.
Melli underlined how AICS Cairo has supported national plans and regional initiatives on water management and the sustainable utilisation of natural resources, a sector where Italy has extensive and internationally recognised expertise. Melli explained, “Cairo Water Week is a prime opportunity to position water management at the forefront of climate action”.
Moreover, he emphasised the importance of collaborative cross-border partnerships for achieving SDG 6: “Ensure access to water and sanitation for all”. During his presentation, he highlighted how recent initiatives of AICS Cairo as MARSA DEV, EU-JRDP, WATDEV, WATER KNOWLEDGE, and EU-ZIR3A, have assisted Egypt in environmental protection and climate action while creating shared prosperity among communities.

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